Best Mobile App Analytical Tools

With the internet of things hanging above the World Wide Web and us gradually filling up, there is the need to sort through all that data and get the one that works for you and your business. Most analytic tools are employed by business organizations to aid them to improve their business and target the right audience. Okay, mobile apps are the new way to move with technology, they are smart, easy to assess, and comfortable on the go, with so many apps on the market; how do you know the best one to optimize your website.

Below are the some of the best mobile analytics tools for 2018

These mobile apps don’t just target business people but for software developers looking through improve their app and prevent constant freeze and crashes, basically, an app that is easy to use and keeps your mobile phone working without any hassle.

To fully understand the analytic tool, let’s get familiar with some terms that define the best mobile analytics apps.

  • Acquisition: this identifies the website or channel a user comes from
  • User churn rate: this is the ratio of the number of users that are consistent with the app
  • Retention: the number of people that use your app after downloading it
  • Daily active user: number of users who use the mobile app daily
  • Referrals: these are the number of users that share their thoughts about the app on social media after using it
  • Monthly active user: this is the number of users that download the app and use it on a monthly basis
  • Session length: the time a user spends on your mobile app
  • Revenue: monetizing the user expression during the app use
  • Conversion optimization: the process of changing or updating the conversion goal
  • Funnels: this is calculating the conversion rates of a specific user by the way they use the app.

Best Analytic Tools are:


This analytic tool helps you grow, develop, and improve your mobile app with ease.

  • Platform: iOS and Android devices
  • Cost: Free trial but cost 25$ monthly afterward

The app contains features that help to instantly modify your mobile app and grow your business in real-time database, cloud storage, functions, and housing, and fix crash faster with real-time reports. It is also the great app for developing and tracking your business with its cloud messaging, dynamic links, firebase analytics, AdWords, and earn among others.


  • Cost: free for a two weeks period/paid
  • Platform: iOS and Androids

The analytic tool gives you a details insight into the user reactions to visuals. It includes a complete data collection from when a user clicks the apps logo and how long they spend looking at the screen. It is also capable of knowing at what stage the app crashed and why.
Some features are touch heat maps, user session recording, detailed crash report, conversion funnels and video, and retention analytics.

Google Analytics

Image result for google analytics

  • Cost: free to a limit/paid
  • Platform: iOS and Android

This list won’t be complete without the most recommended analytic tools on the web. It is the most potent analytic and flexible tool in the market that gives a full report of your website or app and allows you to monitor your business in real time. The app is easy to utilize and access on your mobile or computer.



  • Cost: Free/Paid
  • Platform: iOS, mobile, Android, and computer

Crashes are the common problems that developers suffer with, and Fabric is the most powerful tools that help against it. It is a useful app that collects data on the numbers of users affected by an app crash, device specs, and the dynamic of the crash. It also sends a message to your mail before a crash to prevent you from missing anything significant on your mobile devices. Other features it analyzes are the DAU, new user, the percentage of users that installed or removed an app with the conversion rate.



  • Cost: free/paid
  • Platform: iOS, web, Android, and mobile web

Companies like Skout and Spotify leverage on this app to provide a proper analysis on how consumers engage with their products on the app. The app focuses on the user’s behaviors and also records the user’s data or personal information. These data allow the companies to send an email or push notification to the users. Some analytical reports documented are the users’ engagement period with the app, the funnel conversion rate, retention, and A/B testing and people analytics.


Although mobile analytic tools help in improving and building your business, the most loved feature of analytic tools is the ability to make predictions from analytic data. These tools predict the market or the reactions of users through sophisticated algorithms to state the outcome of an event that is used to plan, enhance, and grow your business and make money.